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About Us

enRuédaMe Más was first established at a high school in Encinitas teaching local students the basics of Rueda de Casino. This began as a way to continue our own growth in a town where there was no Cuban Salsa to be found. We developed a love for “Timba” (Cuban Salsa Music) that caused us to crave more and be creative! 20 years later and we continue to grow and nurture a community of casineros that have the same passion for the culture and dance as we do! We host classes and events and although covid has made things difficult the past two years we are preparing a lot of experiences that will keep your passion alive…



Tim Snedeker

Founder / Director

Tim Snedeker has over 20 years of dancing experience. He began his journey dancing linear LA style for about four years prior to discovering Cuban Salsa. Tim has experience in all the Latin Genres including cha cha cha, bachata, and rumba. Tim was first introduced to Casino Rueda while studying abroad in Spain where he found a new passion for dance and teaching.  Upon returning to the states he began teaching students at a high school allowing him to continue his own personal development as well as grow a community in North County San Diego. In 2002 Tim connected with Eric Johnson and became part of his performance team “Rueda San Diego” where he learned to evolve from the linear style into more authentic Cuban patterns for nearly a decade.  After Eric relocated to San Francisco,  Tim was called upon to lead the group continuing the presence of Rueda de casino in San Diego.

In 2010 Tim created his own performance team called “enRuédame Mas”.   They perform throughout San Diego as well San Francisco. Tim continues his own personal development and growth by attending workshops and traveling to Cuba. He’s had an opportunity to perform with the “Rueda all stars” at the holguin festival. Tim continues to be a leader in the Cuban Salsa community in North County SD by teaching classes, performing and hosting socials. 


Rocío Montelongo

Director / Marketing

From the time she was born Rocio grew up dancing Cumbia and merengue with the family. At the young age of five years old she began taking Ballet Folklorico in Mexico City, there she danced for six years before moving to California. After her move she developed a love for Cheerleading, she cheered and coached competitively for nearly a decade. In between cheerleading, Rocio took a number of different genres of dance consisting of hip hop, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, and Capoeira. In 2012 Rocio was introduced to Zumba and she became a certified Instructor. Teaching at a dance studio in Riverside is where she came across a Casino Rueda class, from there she was hooked. In 2014 Rocio moved to San Diego and join the San Diego Rueda Casineros, becoming one of the key leaders in building community. In 2015 she joined enRuédaMe Mas as co-director.


Hoping to build more of the community and continue her own personal growth, in 2016 Rocio launched as co-producer of the first Cuban Dance Congress in San Diego. These days you can catch her teaching weekly in Encinitas, choreographing or actively performing on stage.

Pepe Galmes

Pepe Galmes

Instructor / Content Manager

Pepe started dancing casino in 2018, and immediately fell in love with the dance and the community. He's been taking classes with several instructors in San Diego, including Tim and Rocío.

Besides dancing, Pepe really enjoys the community and the social events around casino, always happy to organize and attend social gatherings with the casinero friends.


Ruchi Sinha Singh

Instructor Assistant


Dania Alvarez

Instructor Assistant


Brian Sanchez


Brian has been dancing casino salsa for over 10 years. He first began dancing at the age of 17 under the teaching of Tim Snedeker. Over the years Brian has also received instruction from some of the top instructors in Southern California. Brian has also been a part of many casino salsa performing groups and has performed in local events to Cuban Salsa congresses.

For Brian " Dancing casino is one of my life passions and continue to enjoy this dance the same way like I did when I first learned the dance".


Esther Bartolome

Event Organizer

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